Holistic Nutrition/Lifestyle & MMA

I am a lifelong Athlete and UFC Veteran that has trained Mixed Martial Arts for over 15 years and am now offering Holistic Nutrition/Lifestyle & MMA Coaching.


Throughout my life I have overcome many health challenges and injuries; everything from a rare cardiac congenital condition to nerve damage. I learned that there was no quick fix to any of my injuries or symptoms. To truly heal, I needed to look at my entire lifestyle from a holistic approach. I offer Holistic Lifestyle and MMA Coaching to anyone who is ready to grow and connect with themselves in a way they have never done before. I stand for the truth, fight for mental health, and work to constantly grow every day.



I am a licensed CHEK Practitioner under the C.H.E.K Institute which offers a holistic approach to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health by looking at multiple lifestyle factors including but not limited to, happiness, nutrition, movement and sleep to recover balance and experience the natural healing forces inside the body.


I offer Corrective Holistic Exercise Coaching and MMA coaching. Corrective exercise coaching to help return the body to optimal posture, reduce pain and improve performance. I offer MMA(mixed martial arts) coaching as a form of fitness, self defense and or competition to build confidence, discipline and respect for self and others.



In Person Coaching

Monday - Friday

Online Coaching

Monday - Friday



I have partnered up with Tee KO to bring you a custom line of Tyson Griffin and TLGMMA t-shirts. When you purchase a shirt you are contributing towards growing my brand and building an online MMA training program.



was born in Sacramento, CA with a rare cardiac congenital condition called Vascular Ring, which led to surgery at one year old. I faced other respiratory issues and had multiple surgeries early on in life. At the age of two, both of my parents got arrested and I grew up in what most people call a dysfunctional family environment. My mom got out of prison after a few years but my dad ended up serving over 20. My mom ended up turning her life around and let me see that no matter where you are at in life you can accomplish amazing things. I built a relationship with my father once he got out because I figured it would be better to get to know him while it was still possible.



I coached Daniel specifically on dieting and weight cutting to drop from Heavyweight to Light Heavyweight divisions so that he could compete for the UFC Light Heavyweight World Championship.

I did everything from preparing weekly meals to becoming his personal chef and living with him during his fight camp. I also joined him on the road during fight week to make sure he was able to make weight and perform at the highest level.


UFC Heavyweight Champion
Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion


Derrick came to me wanting to pursue his MMA dream and become a UFC Champion. He had already become a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and fought professional MMA but had since given up on his Mixed Martial Arts dream due to life circumstances. When my gym opened close enough for him to make the commute he decided to give it another shot. I told him I would hold him to a higher standard than anyone because his goals were high and so was his potential. He became the champion of the URCC and decided to retire from MMA competition and become a coach himself. His growth as a person is what makes me most proud of my work with Derrick.



Former URCC Flyweight Champion


Jaime grew up competing in taekwondo, wrestling and cross country and always dreamed of being a fighter in the UFC. Eventually life lead him into the Big Brother program where he met my former teammates the Newton brothers. When they heard about his dream they reached out to me and even paid for his training to get started with MMA. I took him under my wing to pursue his dream of becoming a professional MMA fighter and fighting in the UFC one day. He has earned a 6-1 record and is looking to turn professional very soon.



Dragon House Amatuer Flyweight Champion
Former 559 Amatuer Flyweight Champion



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